Parallels Virtuozzo OS Virtualization Solution

Parallels Virtuozzo is a complete server automation and virtualization solution based on Parallels technology. As a global leader in OS virtualization solutions, Parallels Virtuozzo creates isolated containers on a single physical server and OS instance. By doing so, the single physical server is able to share licenses, hardware, and management functions. The server is intelligent […]


How Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization Platform Reduces Cost

The Microsoft Hyper-V is a dependable virtualization platform that gives customers the ability to reduce their costs by virtualizing their infrastructure. The Hyper-V is available as a server core role and has micro-kernelized hypervisor architecture. The new hypervisor platform works with Windows Server 2008 to create and manage an efficient virtual infrastructure. The Microsoft Hyper-V […]

Cloud Computing

Why Server Virtualization Improves Security & Utilization

Server virtualization is the concealing of server resources from server users which includes the identity and number of distinct physical servers, operating systems, and processors. With server virtualization, an individual physical server can provide a number of virtual environments that are entirely separate from one another. The server host uses a software application to partition […]


8 Core Dedicated Servers

For website owners looking to eliminate their hardware bottlenecks, the massive power capabilities of an 8 core dedicated servers is the solution. The 8 core dedicated server can support the most demanding site traffic and web applications. You can scale resources on demand when using all 8 processing cores and you will have a platform […]