Dual Core Dedicated Servers Offers Scalable Benefits

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Whether you have a small or large website, a dual core dedicated server will greatly benefit your business. Dual core dedicated servers are powerful servers that support almost all web applications and offer websites many beneficial functions and features.

3 Benefits of Dual Core Servers

  1. Increase in Speed: Because internet visitors become frustrated when they are on a slow performing website, using a dual core dedicated server can help improve business as you will not lose customers due to the fast and high performing dual processor technology. Dual core dedicated servers are a suitable choice for people who expect to have a site that receives a lot of traffic.
  2. High Scalability: You will be provided with more options when you use a dual core dedicated server. For instance, if you suddenly receive a flood of visitors to your site, you can prevent a slow down by splitting the customer load over 2 or more servers. This ensures that your website maintains its high performance capabilities. Dual-core technology contains 2 independent processors on two separate processor chips, there is a boost in system performance allowing the processor to produce numerous threads (single streams of data through the processor) at a much quicker rate.
  3. Decrease in Lag: A dual processor system has separate chip hardware that is not shared between the two processors. The benefit for the website is there is a drastic decrease in lag time when there are multiple applications running. Also, each application creates its own, or multithreads, which is beneficial because the dual core processor is able to improve the throughput of multithreaded applications and boost multitasking computing power.

What are the features of dual core servers?

There are a number of dual core serving hosting companies that offer a variety of features, however, a few of the general beneficial performance features that can come with a dual core server include:

  • Up to 64-bit computing for extensive workloads and intensive data applications
  • Up to 32 GB of memory
  • Vital data is kept near the processing cores
  • Improved memory availability and reliability
  • Completely buffered DIMMs which boost bandwidth, memory, and capacity
  • Improved security due to advanced error check and redundancy features

A slow e-commerce site can be detrimental to a business because it is one of the main reasons why a visitor will stop going to a site. If you are going to launch an e-commerce website, or are moving up from a shared hosting service, and you are expecting a high volume of traffic, you should not compromise in the configuration of the server. Consider a dual core dedicated server as an effective solution to your dedicated server needs.
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