Cloud Hosting Features

Comprehensive Cloud Server Feature Set

The GigeNET Public Cloud offering was created to include a comprehensive feature set based on customer feedback. With our development team we’re always adding new features to our cloud every day. In some cases, we are even able to customize features and enhancements for your specific needs.

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GigeNET’s core focus is providing you with a level of service that cannot be compared to by any other hosting provider. Our clients are a testament to it. It’s our way of doing business.

Cloud API

API Functionality

With our advanced API functionality you can tie your application directly into GigeNET Cloud making your workflow faster and easier

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With our automated snapshots you never have to worry about making a fatal mistake on your VM again.

Turbo IO

Turbo I/O

Significantly faster, the platform currently has bursting capabilities over 100k IOPS on a single cluster. The system is 100% redundant, highly available and supported by automatic fail over.



IPv6 is included for free with many of our templates. IPv6 will enable trillions of new Internet addresses needed to support connectivity for IoT and beyond