High Power Density Dedicated Servers

If your business takes advantage of blade servers & virtualization technology to maximize your computing resources, Gigenet has the power-dense infrastructure needed to support your hardware.

Power Consumption Exceeds Facility Design

Most datacenter facilities constructed in the past 5-10 years were not designed with the intent of supporting the power density requirements of today’s servers. Server technology is outpacing datacenter technology. This means that it is very difficult to find a facility that can actually provide enough power & cooling to each rack to fully utilize the space.

Gigenet’s Solution

In an ongoing research & engineering project with CrossRealms, Gigenet has implemented changes to our power & cooling infrastructure that has enabled us to support the increasing demand for high power density applications. What does this mean? Through the use of thermal imaging technology and heat dissipation simulations, re-routing airflow to maximize cooling efficiency, as well as distributing power hungry equipment to balance the “cooling load”, Gigenet is capable of fulfilling your power density requirements – up to 150 watts per square foot!

Learn More About Gigenet

Whether you need a single rack, 10 racks, or 50 racks with various power requirements, Gigenet’s carrier-class facility has capacity to accommodate you.

We use only Dell 42U racks that support servers up to 36″ deep. Mesh doors and Gigenet’s power-dense cooling design support maximum server density in your cabinet.