Server’s System Monitoring

What is a server monitoring service and why is it important?

Rather than just crossing your fingers and blindly hoping for uptime, server monitoring is a preventative measure against downtime. Server monitoring services continuously scan your servers for any failures or issues that may arise and provides you with insight into the performance and health of your systems. Since downtime can cost your business both time and money, reliable visibility into your systems builds trust that your servers are running safely and securely.

Keep an EagleEye on your servers.

GigeNET's EagleEye Monitoring is a self-managed server monitoring service for your personal and business use.

GigeNET’s EagleEye Monitoring Service is a self-managed server monitoring service providing you with clear and up-to-date details on the status of your servers. Transport millions of different metrics into our Elasticsearch Clusters to build insightful and interactive dashboard for each unique system. Customize alert and update preferences then choose to be notified via email, text, or Slack.

 24/7/365 NOC Monitoring

GigeNET’s support team is able to provide 24/7 coverage for every system. When our team receives a notification that is problematic, you can count on GigeNET to take action.

 Secure Trusted Agent

GigeNET uses an industry trusted agent ‘NRPE’ for its checks. The NRPE configuration is completely locked down to our control servers.


 System Health

EagleEye is able to provide metrics with include CPU, Load, Disk, Network Usage and more.


 Client Portal

Complete control over your services within our client portal. Able to customize checks, notifications, and set actions such as setting monitoring “downtime.”


 Managed Monitoring

Our system administrators will setup and configure your monitoring to better suit your needs and will continue to update your monitoring service to reflect your needs.