System Administration

Sysadmins, you have enough things to worry about

Worrying about your online IT infrastructure shouldn’t be one of them. All servers come with power, cooling, network, and hardware replacement support. We will swap out hard drives, fix network slowdowns, and do everything in our power to make sure you can do your job effectively.

Two Forms of Managed Support

Enterprise Managed Services is designed with the standard break/fix mentality. If you have a problem let us know and we will fix it for you this includes any system administration maintenance, repository installations, OS configuration and more. For more information on Enterprise Managed Services go here.

Enterprise360° is designed with proactive maintenance in mind. We will have a team of experts monitoring your system for problems and fixing them before they become an issue. All of our Enterprise360° customers were already protected against many of the latest exploits due to our support teams diligence at handling their environments.


A la carte services to make your life easier

Here’s what you can leave up to us

If you don’t want us handling everything, it is not a problem. You can add Advanced Monitoring, Managed Backups, or SecureServer+ hardening to any server in your environment.

Advanced Monitoring

For $49 a month, we setup advanced monitoring on your server allowing complete view of your system. Advanced monitoring is free with Enterprise 360°.

 CPU Usage

 Disk I/O Performance Usage

 Disk Usage

 Domain Checks

 HTTPD Check

 Memory Usage

 Network Latency Check

 Network Usage

 Processor Usage

 SSH Daemon

 Swap Usages

 System Load Averages

 System Updates

 Top CPU Usage

 Top Memory Usage

Managed Backups

With managed backups, we setup the rules and folders for your backups for you so you don’t have to worry about them.

Includes setup, maintenance, and 50 GB of data storage.

$25 a month, then $0.50 per GB as consumed over the initial 50 GB.


Our server hardening product includes operating system hardening, anti-virus installation, security assessment scans, weekly vulnerability scans, and a lot more. 




 Windows Server

Free with Enterprise 360° and costs $49 a la carte.