About Us

Founded on customer necessity. Progressing for customer innovation.

GigeNET has been providing dedicated servers for 20 straight years and is an industry pioneer with the first scalable DDoS Protection service, ProxyShield™, and the first to market with fastest route optimized network technology for dedicated server hosting. Our dedicated server solutions are guaranteed by customer-centric SLAs and supported by veteran techs.

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Our Culture.

We are a team of overachieving problem solvers. Over the last two decades, we’ve carefully assembled a team of experts from diverse backgrounds and with unique skill sets. The combination of tenured employees and new growth, pairs a grounded stability with fresh energy and perspectives. From weekly all-hands meetings to top-tier training, our team is driven to provide the best solutions for our customers. Tied together by a customer-focused mission mindset, we pride ourselves on being champions for our customers and advocates for our audience.

Learn from our experts.

Read our blog to catch up on the most recent GigeNET news, industry updates, and tips and tutorials from our employees! We also use our blog to post critical company information, from Press Releases to announcing maintenance periods and news.

Why choose GigeNET?

Your Hosting Partner for Life

With the highest customer retention rates in the industry, many of our customers have been with us since day one.

Fastest Route Network

Our network works as hard as we do, dynamically providing the fastest route every time.

Cycle of Education

Constant Cycle of Education

When our techs aren’t supporting you they’re learning answers to some of IT’s toughest problems.

Our products and services

 Dedicated servers

 Hybrid cloud


 DDoS Mitigation

 Data storage and backup solutions

 Network file storage

 Systems Monitoring

 IP Transport


Our History


The early years.

1997: Ameen Pishdadi started a small webhosting venture called GlobalWebHost, one of the first Colocation customers at Level3.

2000: The organization, now called “Ecomdevel LLC,” evolved a partnership between Ameen Pishdadi and Derek Raines. Colocation was added due to high market demand. With the addition of multiple flagship customers, the company continued to profit and grow.

2004: The addition of the DDoS Protection Proxyshield™ service  and “high risk servers” coined by the name GigeServers, continued the expansion of the business.

Development and Growth

2006: The company, now called “GigeNET” moved all remote functions under one roof at the new facility in Arlington Heights where its headquarters remains today.

2008:  Bill Smith joined GigeNET to elevate its presence and push it into additional markets. In this year, GigeNET also adopted Internap’s Flow Control Platform (FCP) for Low Latency Networking.

2010:  GigeNET made its Cloud Server product available to the global market.

2011: GigeNET opened a datacenter in Los Angeles, expanding their reach to the west coast and Asia.


Continued Advancement

2013: GigeNET introduced dedicated servers with Automated DDoS Protection and Monitoring and was named fastest cloud among competitors


  • Announced major enhancements to GigeNET’s cloud infrastructure hosting.
  • GigeNET deployed the ADVA FSP 3000 to answer dramatic bandwidth growth. 
  • Ashburn Data Center opened.
  • Recognized as one of the top 20 Most Promising Networking Companies


Network and Providers

A distinct advantage that GigeNET offers is our Internap Optimized Network; 11 premium bandwidth providers delivered to two diverse points at our two private datacenters.

With redundant Juniper routers, our private fiber optic network, and Cisco 6500 series switches, we can offer to you the least network latency, with the highest level of network security.