Mitigating the Effects of Data Loss : Raid Vs Backups
What is the value of a server? In this world of virtual machines and dedicated servers, our customers are becoming more and more removed from the physical components that comprise a server. Everything is easily replaceable — everything except the data contained within the servers. Countless work hours have gone into making each server unique, […]
Behind the Hosting Door (A project management story)
When deciding on a hosting company, there are things at work that you as a consumer may not know OR CARE about. Uptime, pricing and support are your key indicators and maybe equipment being offered. Have you ever wondered about the people behind the name? There are various positions and but one that is critical […]
Why you should upgrade to EasyApache4
I’d like to talk about some of the great new features coming to your WHM/cPanel servers. One great feature in particular is EasyApache4. EasyApache is a piece of software available on your WHM/cPanel server that allows you to rebuild your Apache/PHP environment with different versions and modules of Apache and PHP. EasyApache4 is the updated […]
Choosing a provider for your Native or Cloud App
With so many hosting companies available to the consumer, how does one choose? Before you can do that, you have to know your application, in the case of mobile apps, knowing your app and its backend functionality is critical. Let’s discuss the three types for a moment. Native or Encapsulated apps are apps in which […]
Most Important Programming Languages for Web Development
When it comes to websites and your online presence, there is an abundance of styles, ideas, and languages you can use. Some languages are more important, versatile, and common than others. These languages will make sure your website looks and works correctly in all browsers and operating systems, which will save you time and frustration. […]
Cloud Vs Dedicated: Which is better hosting for a startup?
Cloud Vs Dedicated: Which is better hosting for a startup? Most of the time when hosting providers refers to Cloud hosting, they tend to leave out the fact that Cloud is primarily built on hardware-based dedicated server(s) infrastructure. The strength and resiliency of your cloud infrastructure depends on its underlying core hardware and the network […]
Linux Hosting vs. Windows Hosting
Choosing an operating system for your server may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Whether you are just getting started with your first website or looking to get set up on a more powerful server at GigeNET, these simple guidelines can help you make your decision. Budget […]
Four Social Media Marketing Platforms For Your Hosting Company
Welcome to the wonderful world of social media marketing where you can get rich off shares, likes, pins, retweets, plus one’s, and more. Today I am going share four rewarding social media platforms for your hosting company. You have the power to share whatever you want with your audience but in the words of Han […]
Start Your Own Private Cloud with Microsoft Hyper-V 2012
The previous versions of Hyper-V seemed to be lacking in certain areas compared to the likes of Citrix Xen and VMWARE, which were more advanced and offered a better solution. Until recently, that is, with Microsoft releasing a beefed up edition of Hyper-V. Hyper-V 2012 is now feature rich with great new additions on what […]
Winterizing the Datacenter, But Keep the Heat Off
With winter in full blast in Chicago and across much of the United States, it is important to make adjustments to GigeNET’s datacenter’s mechanical systems to make sure we can handle it. To ensure the most optimal datacenter conditions year round, quarterly inspections and spot checks are performed to environment for our client’s mission critical […]

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