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What is a DDoS attack? How does it work and should I be concerned?

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to take down an online system such as a dedicated server or website through a rapid series of malicious packets of data from multiple points. The attacker finds a vulnerability and uses a single server to command a network of bots to flood the online system with traffic. These different attacks include UDP Flood, SYN Flood, Ping of Death, Recursive GET, Fragmented ACK, DNS Flood, and many more. To see a more complete list check out our DDoS Definitions. The flood of information causes a server to slow down or crash, preventing legitimate users from accessing the information and compromising critical data. The impact could range from a temporary hindrance or a massive destruction of core systems, costing your business tens, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars.

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Automated DDoS Protection filters out malicious traffic allowing your clean traffic to flow through to your dedicated server unobstructed.

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What is Automated DDoS Protection?

Today, DDoS attacks aimed at shutting down websites and dedicated servers have replaced intellectual property theft as the costliest computer crime. If you have a growing e-commerce site, the chances of a DDoS attack is essentially guaranteed.

With DDoS attacks an unfortunate everyday occurrence, it’s crucial for businesses to have security precautions in place and work with work with a provider that specializes in DDoS protection and security.

Automated DDoS Protection operates like virus protection for DDoS Attacks. The always on, always active solution negates the need for manual detection and mitigation of attacks. It routes your traffic through our scrubbing center, diverting disruptive UDP and TCP attacks away from your server, while preventing downtime. Attackers never sleep and neither should your DDoS protection.

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Combine our servers with our proactive managed service, Enterprise 360°, for complete security.

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Our Enterprise 360° management comes with proactive alerts and notifications, you can also order it à la carte.

DDoS Attack Protection and Security

Protect Your Servers Against DDoS Attacks.

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Unlike other providers, Automated DDoS Protection is not an afterthought. GigeNET, a pioneer and leader in DDoS protection, offers services designed not just to protect your website, but your IP addresses. Our DDoS protection services are custom tailored to your business needs. Our certified Systems Engineers will work with you to ensure your protection plan fits your business needs and budget.

Our Automated DDoS system tested as having the lowest number of false positives. Find out why ad networks, game server hosts, VPNs, and more prefer GigeNET’s DDoS Protection system.

How Do I Add DDoS Protection?

Adding this service is as simple as choosing the right server for your needs, and when configuring, selecting the option for Automated DDoS Protection. For current customers, please contact your sales representative, and they can add DDoS protection to your server immediately.


Love your hosting provider but need DDoS protection?

By placing your website behind GigeNET’s ProxyShield® mitigation system, you are effectively putting a stop to DDoS attacks which would have resulted in extended periods of downtime for you and your customers. ProxyShield® is designed to protect your server or website from DDoS attacks. You will benefit from complete protection for your website IP address, automatic detection and filtering of DoS / DDoS attacks, and extensive web content compression that will increase the browsing speed for your site.

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